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Several years ago, a soul-journey through India led me to my first real camera, and a world of technicolor dreams that exploded before my eyes. Trained in motion picture production (York University, 2002), the deep and sudden calling towards stills caught me unawares.*

It was as if I'd stepped through the looking-glass and everything I'd known was vanished. The real and the unreal seemed to mingle and dance; decay became beauty, chaos became order, insecurity became the safest route in the universe. I became less of who I wasn't and more of who I was.

Ready or not, the adventure began.

For me, photography is not just about angles and glass—it's about listening. To the still small voice, to the subject, to the whole energy of the moment. It's about feeling things out and going where the flow is. As a photographer and artist, that is what I do primarily. I listen. For when to take the shot. For when to hold back. When to put the camera away. When to take it out. When to speak. When to be silent.

For me, this sort of listening is the glue that binds together ever-evolving technical skill and visual style; listening is what gives those things meaning.

It's paying attention to that still, small voice that led me here to begin with. To photography, to the other creative mediums I practice in, and through a life of exploring the world from various angles. I've spent a great deal of time living as an expat and traveler in Asia. All my intercontinental drifting broadened my perspective on the world—and myself in it. Utter beauty everywhere if you get quiet enough to see it.

I also learned that for me, wonder is the name of the game. To see it, feel it, share it. Be it.

And ready or not, the game is on.

For all of us.




To begin your visual journey, click 'Traverse' and see where it takes you today. If you care to, pause, reflect, listen a while. Take a breather. The slideshows have a meditative quality about them. See what they may have to say to you and perhaps sit with that for a while. I'm truly curious.

JHP offers fine art travel and creative prints of a wide range of subjects from an even broader range of geographies. See the Prints page for more details.

JHP also specializes in a broad array of services, a full list and current availability can be found on the Services page.

*If you'd like to know more about my India journey, check out this article I wrote for Eloquence Magazine in Seoul here.

"If you don't go, you don't know."
-Thomas Friedman

"Therefore I travel."
-Lonely Planet slogan

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