JHP was conceived in the heat of India, birthed in the blistering winter of Toronto, and built from the ground up in the subway cars and coffee shops of Seoul. In ways large and small, a great number of people have inspired, encouraged and assisted along the way. Deepest thanks go out to:

Lisa Pearson, Rose Canino, Tara Stevens, Heather Evans, Brittany Smith, Steve Sims, Jen Waescher, Robin Donovan, Amanda Krawczyk, Jim Morrison, Noel White, Anne Shropshire, Sheniz Janmohamed, Evelyn Lotfy, Ned Benson, Deepam Wadds, Rane Sevin, Russ Smith, Ross Westoby, Kelly Bartlett, Heike Blankermann, Chelsea Flett, Nadiyah Browne, Tim Skinner, Dana Palamara, Peggy Brady, Chip Snider, Melissa Irvine, Ian Richards, Sarah Ward, Leighton Bain, Mim Adams, Joanna McEwen, Elissa Molino, Jenni Alpert, Nick Daniels, All the folks at Seongnam English Town in Bundang, South Korea, Jillian Bourdon, Rhonda Dynes, Jill Auger (& the staff at Black's Young & Eglinton, Toronto, in the latter half of 2005), My family, Martyn Warner, Farah Mohamed, Laura Kukurin, Trista Mittermayer, Gordon Ogden, Kerry Little (Whose spirit inspires), Rebecca Cant, Jeremy Toombs, Angela Lytle, Joh Banwait, Tomasz Roszkowski, Genna Bauder, Maria Pinlac, Bobby Beakbane, The Dharma Club, Jennifer Roberts, Jodi Wheeler, Agnieszka Biczak, Greg James Hanford, Alison Westlake and Coriander Girl, Aly Barber, Rachel Smith, Vita Rubino, Amy Packwood, and of course my much appreciated clients.

Additionally, this latest incarnation of JHP has been greatly influenced, supported and encouraged by Kaila Dimopoulos, Stephie Billinger and Kim Dang.

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