"Your friends will know you better in the first minute you meet than your acquaintances will know you in a thousand years."

-Richard Bach

Some friends of JHP ...



Loft 404~The Ambrosia Hub is an intimate & eclectic SPECIAL EVENTS LOUNGE set in the heart of Toronto’s Entertainment District, near John & Adelaide.


Need some colour in your life? The ever crafty painter/graphic designer/web designer/jeweler/cake maker/artist-of-all trades pretty much has all your creative needs covered. If your looking for any of these services in the Toronto area, click her site to learn more. It doesn't hurt that she's awesome.


A budding floral and gift boutique in the heart of Toronto's Parkdale neighborhood, Coriander Girl's unique style and attitude has been causing quite a stir in the Toronto wedding scene. Featured in numerous publications, including Wedding Bells , Blog T.O, Now Magazine, and Toronto Life Magazine.


Rachel Smith is a Toronto-based makeup artist who has traveled the world doing runway shows, and worked extensively in the fields of editorial/commercial model photography. When not on set or teaching college-level makeup classes, Rachel can be hired privately. Contact her for rates and bookings.


Kaila Dimopoulos is a very talented and emerging portrait, boudoir, wedding and event photographer based in Oshawa/Bowmanville, Ontario. Contact her for rates and bookings.


Run by the multi-talented Jaime Dobbs, The Sassy Lamb can provide for all your custom baked goods and graphic design needs. Everything from invitations, to cookies, to cakes. She is particularly renowned for her beautiful and tasty vegan cupcakes, a hit at many weddings. And, as if that weren’t enough, she also does photography.



Meaningful Volunteer is a 100% non-profit, volunteer placement organization dedicated to empowering volunteers to make a meaningful impact in developing countries. In a world of ever increasing 'volunteer tourism', Meaningful Volunteer strives to be a useful, sustainable, transparent and efficient contrast to the over-bloated and ineffective bureaucracy of many larger organizations.


NABIYA is a privately run, volunteer operated cat shelter located in the Yongsan district of Seoul, Korea. Based out of a rented apartment, rescued and abandoned cats are cared for until they find a permanent, loving home. In a country where public shelters are virtually unheard of, and a great many cats are left to go feral in the streets due to old superstitions, NABIYA is a feline oasis of hope.


The House of Sharing is a museum and home for survivors of Japanese military sexual enslavement during World War II. Previously referred to as the 'Comfort Women,' many of these women were taken at young ages and forced into years of sexual servitude to the Japanese troops in various occupied Asian nations. Many of the 'grandmothers' (as the survivors are affectionately called), now well into their 80s and 90s, are currently seeking justice for these atrocities. To date, the Japanese government has never formally acknowledged the existence of an organized sexual slavery system, despite piles of documented evidence and testimony. The grandmothers also seek a formal apology. Each Wednesday, a handful of them make an appearance at the Japanese Embassy in Seoul, South Korea, to actively protest on this issue. The House Of Sharing seeks to raise awareness of their plight, and also to assist them in achieving the justice they've sought for so long. A handful of the remaining grandmothers reside at the House.
See some photography of the grandmothers in this gallery.


Though many are well aware of the human poverty issues in India, far less attention gets paid to the sorry state of urban wildlife also struggling to survive there. And yet for the cost of lunch in any Western city, a single animal can be spayed or neutered and have all its vaccinations brought up to date. In a country where feral dogs have become a major issue and police are often authorized to execute them on sight, humane alternative solutions would be easy to implement given the proper awareness, motivation and manpower. Rare facilities like animal rescue Kerala are working to make that a reality. Even a small donation could save a life.



One of the best unsigned artists out there, in my opinion, UK-based Rebecca Cant is a musical favorite and dear friend.


LA-based folk-rock indie songstress, whose work has been featured on numerous network TV shows.


With over a year spent traveling and living in Asia, Windsor-based Leighton Bain has seen his fair share of the world. Soak up some of his introspective folk-rock vibes at the link.


Vancouver-based Ambika (Jen Miller) is a Canadian-born singer who spent her formative years living in a North Indian ashram with her family. Jen and I met in the middle of the Indian desert in 2005, when my photography was still incubating; check out her brand of Hindi fusion by clicking on the link.


Based in Vancouver, Tarun Nayar is a DJ, classically trained tabla player, producer, and member of Beats Without Borders. He trains in Mumbai.


Listen to the sweet East-West fusion of talented sitar-rock-star, Rane Sevin and her LA-based project, Kings of Jupiter.


"They say there are two kinds of people: those who believe in miracles & those who don't. I believe. I'm a dreamer, a writer, a music-lover & an appreciator." A great indie music blog out of Austin from a soul who eats, sleeps, bleeds and lives music. Find yourself (or just a great new song) at musicismyfirstlanguage.wordpress.com.



In the tradition of the Beats, writer, poet, traveler and samurai, this UK-based world-wandering yogic bard from the deep south will blow your mind with his wisdom-infused acoustic explorations.


New fiction and philosophical musings by the brilliant and astute Kim Dang, based out of the UK and Vietnam. "I write. Like a confused teenager trying to answer the almighty existential question of 'Who am I' and 'Why are we here'. And so I write. It's simple as that. It's worth remembering always that nothing I write represents the Truth, or even the Truth about who I am."


Settle into the epic sounds of poet and author Sheniz Janmohamed.


Writer Brittany Smith gives voice, personality and plot to the random objects she photographs across the city in this blog of captivating flash fiction.


Writer, columnist, and first time author of the novel Drive-by Saviors.



The experimental films and photography of traveler and artist Chris Westray.



A mobile yoga studio that brings the benefits of yoga to the places you live, work, and play. Services available in the Greater Toronto Area.


Based in Orillia, Ontario, Canada, and co-run by some of my favorite people in the world, Balanced Body offers yoga, retreats, classes, Pilates, free-spirit dance, and massage. Best yoga classes I have ever taken.


"Resting is not escaping....The paradox is that things do pass when we turn toward and rest with them. Not always immediately, but sometimes. And often without a trace. Which seems impossible to the body/mind when it’s all bundled up in how serious something is (how wrong we are, how wrong they are, how wrong the moment is, etc.). But try it out. What happens to those thoughts and feelings if we gently open and turn toward them, simply letting them come all the way through?" For more wisdom on how to slow down, check out my friend Carin Channing's enlightening blog.



Website of The Artist's Way, a twelve-week program of readings and exercises designed to facilitate the creative-recovery of blocked artists, no matter what their medium, experience or history. It works. The Artist's Way Group on facebook: For students of The Artist's Way, new and old, or for anyone curious about it. This group is a virtual gathering place.

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