Individually run, custom Fine Art Prints are sometimes available on an image-by-image basis on a variety of surfaces.

Not all images on the site can be purchased as prints:

Please see the 'Print Catalogs' under the 'Prints' menu for confirmed available prints.

Images available as prints may also be found in the following sections of the site:

-All Travel Photography listed under 'Traverse'

-Most photography listed under 'Art', excluding 'Lego Bricks' and Self-Portraits.

-Some photography listed under 'Create', depending on copyright agreements with the model (enquire).

-No images listed exclusively under 'Serve'

Sizes and Surfaces:  Print sizes may be limited by the resolution or shape (aspect ratio) of the particular image file. Matte prints, canvas, wood and metal can be arranged. Please enquire.

How to Purchase: Find the image that you're interested in and copy the Print number, title or description of the images. Then click 'Contact' in the menu bar, paste the information into the contact form along with the approximate size and surface you're hoping for, and click 'send'. JHP will be in touch ASAP to confirm availability and sort out the details.

Methods of Payment: JHP accepts Paypal, interac e-transfer between Canadian banks, and cash where geographically feasible.

Shipping: Rates will vary depending on location, but will be quoted during the purchase process before the final payment is made.

Prices: Prices now start at 2 different rates for an 8x12 matte print:

Premium Print* $65

Regular Print $40

Prices for larger custom-sized prints and/or prints on different surfaces will also reflect this difference, please enquire. *

All Premium Prints are marked as such in the description beneath the photo on the site.

Why the new difference?

In the art world, it is considered very bad form to drop your prices after the fact. You can go UP but you can't go down. Many people buy a print as an investment, with the hope that the price will go up over time. Thus, if you sell a print at one price to one customer, and later on at a lower price to someone else, you've effectively devalued the first customer's investment.

I first began selling prints in 2005. After consultation with a show curator, I set my base price at $65 for an 8x12 unframed print based on the assessed value of my prints. Over the years I've sold many prints at that rate. That, however, was established a decade ago. Things have changed a bit since then. I also have A LOT more prints!

Over time, digital photography took the world by storm and the base rates for your average 8x12 print sold to the general consumer have significantly lowered. In order to make the bulk of my prints a little more affordable and in-line with other photographers, I am reducing the rate for most of my prints. For the images that I've sold already at the $65 base rate, the price for those prints will remain the same. I will mark these images on my site as 'Premium Prints'. The rest will now be sold at the $40 base rate.

This rate will be used to calculate the price for larger, custom prints as well, which depends on surface and varying print costs at the time of production.

To help make up for the difference in price for Premium Prints, I will be offering 2 bonus 6x8 prints (of your choice) for free with the purchase of any Premium Print.

6x8s are actually quite a good size for many uses. Large enough to see well, but small enough to fit on a desk or among several other images. In fact, my own walls are mostly framed 6x8 simply because I can fit more images on my walls that way.

A NOTE ON CHARITABLE DONATIONS: Due to legal/tax complications, unfortunately I will no longer be donating a percentage of my print sales to charity. That said, please donate on your own if you can to the following amazing organizations doing good work in the world:

Meaningful Volunteer - In a world of ever increasing 'volunteer tourism', Meaningful Volunteer strives to be a useful, sustainable, transparent and efficient contrast to the over-bloated and ineffective bureaucracy of many larger organizations. Donate or volunteer yourself.

Nabiya - A wonderful private cat shelter in Seoul, South Korea run by volunteers. I got my cat there and he is amazing. Many people in Korea have a strong dislike for cats, so places like Nabiya need of all the support they can get.

The House of Sharing - Elderly Survivors of Japanese Military Sexual Slavery during WWII fight for justice and public amends by the Japanese government for this little known, but massive-scale war crime which involved hundreds of thousands of women. Wiki 'comfort women,' but be prepared to be seriously disturbed.

Animal Rescue Kerala - One of very few animal shelters in South India where, for a donation of only $10 a single animal can be spayed or neutered and have all its vaccinations brought up to date. One night out for fast food or save a life? You decide.

More info on these and other organizations JHP supports can be found on the links page.

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