"I'm constantly impressed with Jeremiah Hill's lightening fast response to all of my professional requests. You can depend on him to be there when you need him."

-James Navé, Writer/Poet, and Julia Cameron's Co-Teacher of the Artist's Way Camp in Taos, 1995 to 2001 www.jamesnave.com

"I would highly recommend Jeremiah for headshot photography. He has a natural ability to relax his subjects and allow those magic moments to bubble to the surface. I was surprised and impressed at the amount of shots I actually liked of myself! The space he has created, and his natural sense of pacing, kept my energy up and my body relaxed. He was able to make a potentially uncomfortable afternoon an enjoyable and productive one!"

-Lisette St. Louis, singer, actress

"Jeremiah can take an inexperienced model, put her against a white wall with a little natural light, and capture a great shot! He was friendly, efficient, and really made me feel comfortable during our photo shoot."

-Olivia McLean, singer

"Having seen his striking and moving shots of children and places in Asia, I was really excited to have him come shoot our band. Jeremiah is the best gig photographer I know. His incredible eye for motion, color and light allow him to always capture the mood and movement of our work. He basically brings out the best of our band’s performances. " -Rebecca Cant, musician, activist

"Working with Jeremiah Hill has been a fantastic experience, not only did I receive high quality images of above professional standards, but the experience to work with such a professional, talented and creative individual was such a pleasure. "

-Kay S., model

"First working with Jeremiah on a styled wedding shoot in the fall of 2010, I was delighted with his easy going manner and extreme professionalism. He worked silently getting his shots - you almost didn't even know he was there."

- Jaime Dobbs, The Sassy Lamb www.thesassylamb.com

"It's a rare situation to be painted blue and explore a city behind a camera lens. This had the potential to be quite an uncomfortable experience but Jeremiah has a gift for creating a completely comfortable dynamic to work within. Jeremiah listened well and helped me explore and expand on ideas until i was completely happy with the results. Working with Jeremiah was a completely unique, fun experience which i would happily recommend to anyone."

-Bobby Beakbane, dancer

"During various projects for my studio in NY, Jeremiah has proven to be a great listener, and a true professional. Jeremiah has an uncanny ability to capture a client's thoughts, and turn them into Art."

-Saima Yousuf, Art Director, STUDIO 2012

"Jeremiah Hill is a thorough professional. Through his use of colour, light and angle, he is able to capture moments suspended in time. His unique photographic perspective and holistic vision allow him to create stunning visuals. Jeremiah shot for my first book launch, and each photo is a testament to a memorable, once in a lifetime event. I also recruited Jeremiah for a sufi-themed, antique inspired photoshoot. He was down to earth and immediately put his subject at ease. With a keen eye for detail and sharp intuition, he used the studio space to full capacity, taking a range of shots from various angles. The result was remarkable-- photos with depth and personality, reflecting and surpassing the vision I had imagined. Every photo was different and conveyed a different mood. Without a doubt, Jeremiah is the first photographer on my list-- and once you've had the pleasure of working with him, he'll be on the top of yours too!"

-Sheniz Janmohamed, Author, Bleeding Light

"It has been a delight to collaborate with Jeremiah Hill - a gentle, deeply sensitive man with extraordinary artistic talent. His photography captures a soulful beauty in everything."

-Steve Sims, author, River of Awareness www.riverofawareness.com

"When I watch the video Jeremiah made of one of my spoken word performances, I'm often more amazed by the quality of the production than I am by my own performance."

-Jeremy Toombs, poet, musician

"Jeremiah is a gifted artist. I would recommend his services to anyone as his dedication, mixed with his creative passion and focus, will guarantee you a job well done. He will not put his name on any project without committing to its fullest potential... it's as simple as that!"

-Brona Malone, Life Coach, 4 Body Coaching 4 Body Coaching's Facebook Page

"Jeremiah's photos guide you to see there is a lot more going on than the music itself when musicians are performing - he captures the glimpse of their soul floating on the surface and presents it for everyone to see."

-Zee Kang, Musician

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