JHP shoots in a personalized Fine Art Style that begins in the camera settings, and carries over into the editing process to maximize the punch and impact of each image. The aim is not only to capture moments, but also to convey each frame as a work of visual art in and of itself. The result is that every finished photograph conveys a unique JHP creative signature. With JHP, you are not just buying a service, you are purchasing art.

In the digital era, great photographers can be cheap or expensive, have years or experience, or only a few. Packages can be littered with frills (which you may or may not actually want), or elegantly simple. But in the end, what matters most are the quality of the images captured, and the experience you have interacting with the photographer. These two things are priceless. The rest, you will probably forget. When choosing your photographer, be sure to choose someone who's experience, skill set, style and approach match your specific needs.

May you find the photographer who is right for you.

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